The Clockmakers' StethoscopeTM

With an Amplitic Personal Beat Amplifier you can:

• Set clocks in beat more easily

• Hear & Diagnose mechanical faults

The Amplitic's sensitive electronic pickup can be clipped to any part of a clock movement, even the hand shaft, and the escapement will be heard ticking through the headphones.

Perfect for on site setting up and adjusting. Using the jack lead included, the audio output can also be fed directly into your PC or amplifer & speakers, for workshop use.

Can be used on all types of mechanical clocks, including

• Conventional spring & weight driven clocks

• 400 Day clocks

• Most mechanical watches

Battery operated, AAA supplied.

Part number: 1496 000115

Please note that the Amplitic Personal is not suitable for the hard of hearing except when connected to an optional external amplifier and speakers or PC.

Current price 18.99 and available now via the link below...

Order yours here!

A PDF copy of the instructions that come with Amplitic can be found here in both English and French.

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